Str- UGGGGGLA -ing

Props to nwilson26 from TBL board for coining the phrase.

I do not know how many readers there are of this blog quite yet….yeah we had a banner day logging more than 120 views…not bad for a four day old site…but – this is a Cubs site. And as such…not one of the EIGHT five Cubs players did anything to impact the game. This game was best summed up by a simple scouting plan for the AL.

Hit it at Dan Uggla.

So, with the 4-3 AL victory, out went the possibility of the WS home opener at Wrigley….I know, we have to get there first. I know we all were thinking the same thing. So, without going into jinx territory, Ill end it that way. You want real reacaps, I am pretty sure you arent coming here for it.

First half awards / second half predictions coming Wednesday and Thursday. Live Chat on Friday / Saturday.

Look for our next post tomorrow afternoon after this late night.


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