Cubs Sweep Brewers – Take Control of Central

Five days ago the Milwaukee Brewers caught the Cubs atop the NL Central. Five days ago might as well be five weeks ago when the Brewers were 5.5 out.

No one quite knows what happened to the “hottest” team since the All Star Break. The Brewers were riding a 8-2 record coming into the Cubs series…They were coming home…all things pointed to a hotly contested series that clearly favored the Brewers with CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets pitching the first two games of the series. Instead the Cubs romped through the four game set winning all four games while scoring 31 runs to the Brewers 11.

Today was the biggest outbreak of the series as the Cubs erupted for 11 runs led by Jim Edmonds two HRs including a grand slam to rack up five RBIs. Soriano and Fukudome added long balls as well. 

Rich Harden finally got some much deserved run support in notching his first victory since his trade from Oakland. Nine more strikeouts bring his four game total to 39. He has yet to allow more than one run in any of his starts since coming over to the Cubs.

Soriano blistered the Brewers pitching in this series going 7-16. Since coming off of the DL the Cubs have gone 7-2 while “Sori” has gone 12-35, 2HRs, and 8 RBIs. He has been a clear reason that the Cubs have been able to return to their offensive ways. Inserting him back into his customary spot at leadoff and in LF and getting everyone back into their normal routine has been just what the team has needed.

Next up for the Cubs is a three game set with the remains of the Pittsburgh Pirates, who in the last week has traded away Xaivier Nady, Jason Bay, and Damaso Marte. Easy on paper – but thats why they play the games. It is the first series of a nine game home stand and a stretch in which the Cubs play 22 of their next 31 at home.

Check back later for Out of the Box Game Notes and tomorrow for Pirates previews.


8 Responses to Cubs Sweep Brewers – Take Control of Central

  1. boze says:

    hey mikey if you want i’ll go ahead and do tomorrows preview,yes?that way i can see how much i get it right and how much you need to edit.

  2. mikeychx says:

    sweet…have at it

  3. boze says:

    this is funny,got this qoute from…..this what yost said””We don’t like the fact that we allowed their fans to come into our park and have a four-day party,” said Yost. “But that’s our fault.”

  4. boze says:

    boy he’s really got his prioritys in order,lol

  5. boze says:

    more funny quotes from the crew

    “We got spanked,” Yost said.

    “We got our [rear ends] kicked,” Bush said.

    “I’m pretty much embarrassed,” Braun said.

  6. mikeychx says:

    yeah, one of these nights it would be fun to see someone doing some real shit talking…cut and paste it into a post…and timestamp it…and watch their cockiness turn into them calling us lucky…to them changing their tune…to them saying wait until next game….to them disappearing

  7. mikeychx says:

    bo and jim…read the saved posts and chime in on the highlights

  8. boze says:

    mikey you around??????

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